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Whole-home remodel took out dated brick and added a new fireplace and brighter interior in this project by W.L. Construction in Corvallis, Oregon.

Our clients were relocating to Corvallis, and after an exhausting search for building lots or just the right house, they found what they were looking for… almost.

The existing house had an uncomfortable floor plan that employed the split level approach of the 1970s, but working with the team of Lori Stephens [Broadleaf Architecture] and Wendy Beck-Nichols [Corvallis Floor Covering] we made some major changes.

We reworked the entry so that there was a central entrance instead of two doors, we removed all of the old windows and doors and reconfigure them to a more ‘craftsmen’ style, and we changed the siding style and color.

The front change was so dramatic that the longtime UPS driver was unsure if this was the right house for his delivery. The interior was updated and modernized so that the floor plan had a purpose and a flow. The homeowners had a significant contribution in terms of design choices and finishes, and when we were done they commented, “We have built four houses in the past and this has been the smoothest process of all.”

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