Custom Homes

Why build a house – when you can CREATE a home!

Lars and his crew simply know how to build things right! With many years of experience in the building field and a true desire to be honest and unique – W.L. Construction has the perfect balance to build the home that you dream of. Our positive, competent and organized crew understands the importance of a clean and functional jobsite which has many benefits during the building phase. You can be assured your home will be built with uncompromising quality and service.

A Bird’s Eye View
A Bird’s Eye View
Phoenix Rising
Age in Place: Phoenix Rising
Country Elegance
Country Living
Oregon Skyline back balcony with beautiful views.
Oregon Skyline
Gardeners Paradise

At W.L. Construction, we’ve made a name for ourselves thanks to our extensive experience when it comes to remodeling homes and businesses.  

We also do more than just remodel. We can build custom homes from scratch as well and help you put together plans for the perfect home for you and your family as your custom home builder in Corvallis, Oregon. If you’ve been searching for the right luxury home builder, W.L. Construction is the company you can trust to create your custom home from start to finish.

Do you know exactly what you want your custom home to look like when it’s finished? If you do, W.L. Construction can take the design you already have in mind and work with it. As your custom home builder, we collaborate with you to come up with a design that fits your needs. We set you up with an architect and a whole design team that can make sure you’re satisfied with the plans for your custom home before starting the building process. We’re a luxury home builder than will set you up with an estimate at the start, too, so you’re able to stick to your budget throughout your new home build.

By building a custom home with help from a custom home builder like W.L. Construction, you and your family will have a unique place to live. You’ll also have a home that fits your family perfectly and addresses all your needs. W.L. Construction is a luxury home builder that uses sustainable materials when building your home to make sure it’s built to last. We’ll also stay in close contact with you at all times to make any last-minute changes to the original plans and make sure your home is what you want it to be once we’ve put the finishing touches on it. 

Reach out to W.L. Construction at 541-738-2602 to speak with us about being your custom home builder in Corvallis, Oregon. We can also be a luxury home builder for those in Albany, OR, Lebanon, OR, Philomath, OR, and Salem, OR.