Create Your Dream Kitchen

Make it a Centerpiece

The modern kitchen has turned into more than just a place people go to cook meals for families and friends. It has turned into the centerpiece of most homes. It’s where families come together to talk about their days and where people tend to congregate during get-togethers with extended family and friends. If you’re unhappy with the way your kitchen looks and feels right now, W.L. Construction is the kitchen remodel contractor in Corvallis, Oregon you can call on to do something. Stop wondering, “Who can do a luxury kitchen remodel near me?” Let us transform your current kitchen into your dream kitchen




Since 1979

Since W.L. Construction was first founded back in 1979, we’ve served as a kitchen remodel contractor for hundreds of homeowners. From small kitchen remodeling jobs to much larger ones that involve ripping out an old kitchen and replacing it completely, we can make your kitchen look amazing by outfitting it with gorgeous countertops, beautiful backsplashes, incredible cabinets, and finishing touches that will tie the whole space together during your luxury kitchen remodel.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen

If you know exactly what you want your new kitchen to look like once your luxury kitchen remodel is all finished, W.L. Construction can take the ideas you have and bring them to life. Thanks to all of our experience as a kitchen remodel contractor, we can help you design the perfect kitchen from scratch based on the size of your space and your goals for it. You’ll want to spend time doing more than cooking once we’re done remodeling your new kitchen.

Call W.L. Construction at 541-738-2602 if you’ve been thinking, “Which company can perform a luxury kitchen remodel near me?” We can work with those homeowners in Corvallis, Oregon as well as those living in neighboring Albany, OR, Lebanon, OR, Philomath, OR, and Salem, OR.