Q. Do you do small projects?

A. Absolutely! To us, the small projects are just as important as the big ones and we bring the same focus and quality of work to every project we complete.

Q. Do you do design work?  

A. We love to design! We offer a few different options for design/build work. We can design it together in house and come up with the perfect plan. We can hire one of the many awesome architects that we enjoy working with. Or, you can come to us with your design already set and we will construct it just the way you want.

Q. Do we need to get a permit?

A. If a permit is required for the job we go ahead and take care of that for you.

Q. Do you work with lenders? We would like to get a bank loan for the money instead of using cash.

A. Yes! We are a preferred builder at many of the local banks in the Corvallis area.

Q. Does your company just do remodels or do you build houses too?

A. While remodeling is our bread and butter, we have the expertise and ability to build houses from the ground up, too. It is a nice balance to do both since they are two different areas of construction.