Creative Built-In Storage Ideas for Your Home

A kitchen with built-in storage space at the end of the island

We all want a lot of storage space in our home, but don’t necessarily want to use up too much space just storing things. Plus, not all things that you want to store necessarily belong tucked away in a bin in your attic, basement, or closet.

That’s where built-in storage solutions come in. These creative storage methods are a perfect addition for anyone who is remodeling their home or building a new one. They can serve multiple functions and can appear all over your home. Not only do they provide storage, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing and allow for easy access to the material being stored. Here are some examples:

The End of Your Island

Having enough storage space for everything you need in your kitchen is an absolute must. But you don’t want to sacrifice style. Having some storage space built into the end of your island can allow you to store various cookbooks and other important materials. You might also want to build in a wine or spice rack. This allows for convenience, easy access, and a clean, organized appearance.

A Secret Second Door

If you have two doors to your bedroom, chances are you only need one of them. You can optimize the second door that you rarely use by creating a built-in wall shelf unit on it. You can place photographs, decorations, knick knacks, flowers, trophies and more on the shelf, especially if it’s facing a living or dining room.

A secret bedroom door with a built-in shelving unit

Under Your Stairs

If you have a two-story home, what are you using the space under the staircase for at the moment? Chances are, not a lot. You can make better use of that space by making it a storage area. One way to do this is to have drawers and cabinets built into the side of it so you can easily retrieve things you may need while you’re downstairs.

A staircase with storage space under the stairs
Whitted home by WL Construction

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